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    About Us:

    Rayhana Jiffry, Founder and CEO of Glitteray had a vision to create and implement an everyday wear jewellery brand in Sri-Lanka. Her dream was to create extraordinary pieces of jewellery with an everlasting value.  Equipped with nothing but a beautiful vision she approached her father who was already and entrepreneur in the Gem trade of Sri Lanka to accomplish her dream, and today she is an established jewellery designer with her own brand ‘Glitteray’.

    Glitteray was established in the year 2006 as an online store on a popular social media platform thereafter moved onto popup stores and so on. Within a short period of time Rayhana discovered that her success was an absolutely amazing online store with unique designs that caters exclusively for the online shoppers within the country.  The new discovery led Rayhana to create ‘Glitteray.com’ in the year 2013.

    A dream that started out small is one of the most sort after online jewellery stores in Sri-Lanka catering to thousands of fascinated clients today.

    “Glitteray was awarded second runner up at the prestigious Venture Engine Competition for young businessmen and women in the year 2013”


    Why are we at Glitteray unique?

    • All our products are manufactured under our chain of in house merchandising plants.
    • Each piece of jewellery is handmade giving the utmost consideration to each detail and requirement.
    • Our unique formula reduces discoloration giving our clients the opportunity to use each piece of jewellery for decades.
    • We offer exclusive and unique pieces of mesmerizing jewellery at reasonable costs.
    • We have a 24hour Customer services team in place to assist our client with all their queries.
    • Exceptional after sale services to all customers.
    • A 14 day returns and exchange policy.
    • International and island wide delivery
    • Hassle free order tracking system